Did You know?

The Australian Human Rights Commission found that many FiftyUps experience "Product invisibility: being overlooked by corporate Australia".

FiftyUp Club FAQs

What is the FiftyUp Club?

The FiftyUp Club is a Club to help consumers 50 and over get the discounts, special offers, and improved products and services they deserve. The consumer network One Big Switch established the FiftyUp Club.

How does it work?

To join the FiftyUp Club all you have to do is register at FiftyUpClub.com. Registration is quick and easy, and cost and obligation-free. Once the FiftyUp Club has sourced special offers from providers of household goods and services we will be in touch by email. Receiving the offers is entirely obligation-free; you can switch to them or use them to shop around for a better offer from other providers. 

Do I have to switch to FiftyUp Club Offers?

No. Receiving FiftyUp Club offers is entirely obligation-free. You choose if the offers are right for you. You can also use them to shop around, or even ask your current provider for a better deal. Not every offer will be a perfect fit for every member, so we always urge our members to look closely at the offers distributed to members to make sure the offer is right for them.

Do I have to be over 50 to join?

Anyone can join FiftyUp Club.

Do I become a member of One Big Switch when I join the FiftyUp Club?

No. But if you ever want to join One Big Switch, you can use your FiftyUp email and password to join. 

Do I need an email address?

The quickest and easiest way to join the FiftyUp Club is by registering, with an email address, at www.FiftyUpClub.com. Some offers may only be available to members with access to an email address.

What sort of offers could FiftyUp Club unlock?

The FiftyUp Club will focus on essential household goods and services, like energy, insurance, finance, and retirement savings, because these are the things that put the most pressure on household budgets. 

Will the FiftyUp Club only offer products with a discount?

The FiftyUp Club will not just be focused on discounts; we will also focus on special products ands services for FiftyUp Club members. This might include special customer service options, and product features.

How does the FiftyUp Club source offers?

The FiftyUp Club works with providers to source discounts, or special product features or customer service on essential household goods and services used by our members. We will only notify our members when they can receive offers that are not publicly available to individuals.

If it's free to join, how is the FiftyUp Club funded?

The FiftyUp Club is a consumer network for Australians aged fifty and over, promoted by Macquarie Media Ltd (which includes Macquarie Radio Network, and Fairfax Radio Network in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia), and by Nova Entertainment in South Australia. The FiftyUp Club may earn a commission, paid by the provider, for a member who takes up a special FiftyUp Club offer. The FiftyUp Club may share these commissions with our media partners, which include Macquarie Media Ltd, Nova Entertainment and Nine Network Australia. Part of our commissions will be used to fund future FiftyUp Club Campaigns.

(Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics; Mi9 Reports; The Australian Human Rights Commission.)