NewsThings No One Tells You About Cruising

Things No One Tells You About Cruising

Sailing the high seas is the easiest holiday for a lot of us, but here are secrets and tips that could make your cruise even more fun and relaxing!

Arrive at your embarkation port a day early. This allows you to avoid any last minute stress caused by potential delays and allows you to adjust to a new time zone or allows you time to sightsee.

Everyone wants to be on board first, so arrive a little later when embarking to avoid the rush to be first.

Traveling with a companion? Pack half & half carry on. This tip will cover both of you if your luggage is delayed en route to the ship and include anything you may need immediately like medicine, swimsuits, sunscreen, etc.

If you’re on a lengthy cruise, unpack as soon as you have access to your stateroom. Your suitcase can be stored under your bed for the length of your cruise.

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Eating & Drinking
Stop by the specialty restaurants that pique your interest and make reservations on your first day aboard.

Water on cruise ships is okay to drink but it’s heavily chlorinated so it’s smarter to grab a big bottle from the bar or on board store and keep it on the bed side table.

If you’re eating at the breakfast buffet, try to sit in the same section every day as waiters tend to work the same areas and are more than likely to remember preferences and could have yours on hand.

If you don’t finish that bottle of wine at lunch or dinner, it doesn’t have to go to waste. The waiters can store it overnight for you for the next time you are there.

Get Interactive
Most state room televisions are interactive. You can order room service, check spending, see the daily schedule and track the ship’s position.

Take advantages of the free lessons and complimentary actives ike rock climbing, cooking classes, wine tasting, etc.

Sign up for behind the scenes tour of the ship and indulge yourself at a chef’s table experience which is often worth its price and sometimes includes a galley visit.

Activities on port days are less crowded because most passengers are out exploring.

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Checking Out
Avoid the lines and any issues that arise by visiting reception and getting a copy of your account. It’ll be easier than dealing with it in the hours before disembarkation when everyone else is there.

Are you a cruise regular? What’s your tip on an easy cruise?

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Things No One Tells You About Cruising

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Anonymous from QLD commented:

Don’t go P & O just back from a pacific jewel cruise it was vert very average 

Gordon from QLD commented:

Check that you ave a fridge or cooling facilities for medications. Some don't and ice blocks and other alternatives don't work 

Jeannette from NSW commented:

Take a small fold up clothes line and pegs - they take up little room and come in very handy for smalls etc. Last cruise we purchased a pack of 24 bottles of water on day one and used them the whole cruise - worked our much cheaper. We have passport covers which protect your security - it think it’s called skimming. 

Jeannette from NSW commented:

I have taken out the travel insurance you recommended for a cruise I am taking next year. The premium was considerably lower than any I investigated prior to signing up. 

Shirley from NSW commented:

If you are lucky enough to be able to use the laundry on board, do your washing either on an in-port day or at meal times as the laundry isn’t as busy. Also make sure you time your washing/drying so your clothes don’t end up on the floor because you are holding up a machine. 

Bev from QLD commented:

We always take bottled water for when we go ashore. It’s far cheaper than buying it onboard. 

Anonymous from NSW commented:

make sure you stay in a cabin mid-ship you wont feel the effects of seasickness as much. If you do get seasick green apples work well all ships carry them as the staff eat them as well if they are suffering. 

Suzanne from NSW commented:

Cabin walls are magnetic so take,or buy, a few magnets to attach notices, invites to wall for safe keeping. 

Anonymous from NSW commented:

Take your own lanyard. 

Chris from NSW commented:

Try to avoid being at the restaurant the minute it opens as there are usually queues lined up to get in wait for 10;minutes and you can freely walk in.also when you first get on board go to reception and say you don’t want to pay any gratuities and so far I haven’t paid any . I always tip them myself. Chris k 

Vicki from NSW replied to Chris:

Good tip, we do this. They don’t tell you in the fine print!!! 

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