NewsTravel Tips that Could Make Your Life Easier

Travel Tips that Could Make Your Life Easier

Some travel like a pro. Whizzing through security and the airport like gazelles in the wild and for some, you may be embarking on your first journey with a lot of questions or clueless on what to do. While I am no expert on travel, here are few tips and tricks I use to make my life easier when traveling.

Browse in Private or Incognito Mode for Cheaper Flights - this one is simple, all you have to do is open a new browser window in private or incognito. Why? When you visit a website, a cookie is installed on your browser. These cookies can cause prices to rise simply because you were on the website before. To make sure you are getting a good price, browse in private mode.

Don’t Wear Lace Up, Zip Shoes - Slip on shoes are the best when it comes to going through airport security. You can kick your shoes off and place them into the bin without the eyerolls and heavy sighs of travellers behind you.

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Roll Your Clothes - you’d be surprised at how much more room you have in your luggage if you roll your clothes. Once I learned this trick, I have never folded my clothes again.

Keeping Hydrated on Planes - while a sky high cocktail is enticing, landing at my destination hydrated helps me adjusts to any time change and while I still may have jetlag, I might

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Use the USB in Your TV - if you forgot your charger or don’t have the right charger for where you are visiting, you can easily plug your charging cord into the TV in your room. The TV has to be a relative current model of course. A TV from the 80’s will not afford you the luxury.

Give Your Change to the Homeless or Donate It - no matter where I travel, I end up with coins I’ll never use again. The airport in Iceland has a wall where you can donate your unwanted currency no matter what it is. If you don’t want to give your change to the homeless, throw it in the tip jar if there is one, or donate it. The amount may be trivial to you, but could a lifesaver to someone else.

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Any advice contained in this article is general in nature and does not take account of your particular objectives, personal circumstances or needs. If in doubt about your own situation you should seek appropriate advice.

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Travel Tips that Could Make Your Life Easier

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