NewsThese Boots Were Made for Walking...Australia

These Boots Were Made for Walking...Australia

60’s pop star, Nancy Sinatra, sang “These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…”

The Aboriginals of Australia had a rite of passage for males known as a Walkabout where the adolescents went and lived in the wilderness for a period as long as six months to make the spiritual and traditional transition into manhood.

While modern age has stripped the spiritual meaning of Walkabout, Australia is known for its many walking trails. Some easy, some hard. But ALL showcase the beauty of Australia.

You can do the following walks in full or in pieces and parts, but all will more than likely leave you wanting to see more of Australia.

New South Wales

Bondi to Manly Walk - this walk is 79 km and links all existing coastal and harbourside tracks between the infamous Bondi Beach and beloved Manly Beach. You also get to walk by the Opera House and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Fraser Island Great Walk - this walk is on UNESCO World Heritage listed, Fraser Island, and is 90 km, traversing lots and lots of sand. Your calves are going to get a great workout and you’ll see the coast, the forest, colourful sand and freshwater lakes.


Great Ocean Walk - located in Ngatanwarr country, you’ll be in the Great Otway National Park and if you haven’t guessed, this route is similar to what you would see on the Great Ocean Road. Plan a short work, a long walk or day long walks or more to see shipwreck anchors, rainforest gullies, and of course the iconic 12 Apostles.

South Australia

Mannum Waterfalls - listed as #2 in the “Best Waterfall Hikes in South Australia”, the hike to Mannum Waterfalls is 3 km and includes views of Reedy Creek, wildlife, and of course waterfalls.

Western Australia

Bluff Knoll - this 6 km bush walk is the 3rd highest in WA and lets you see wildlife, wildflowers, reptiles and scenery galore! Don’t forget to pack a sweater because despite the heat, mountain mists and wind chill can occur!

Northern Territory

Valley of the Winds Walk - this 3 hour walk is not for the weak at heart or weak in the legs. While you are not “rock” climbing, there are steep inclines but all worth reaching the lookouts to see Kata Tjuta. The best time to start this walk is before the sun starts to shine as once it hits 36 degrees Celsius, the walk is closed after 11 am.

Find a walk at Great Walks of Australia or if you know one, leave a comment below.

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These Boots Were Made for Walking...Australia

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Gordon from NSW commented:

What about Tasmania guys??????? 

James from NSW commented:

If you have plenty of time and are up for the challenge then the Bibbulmun Track from Perth to Albany in WA is a wonderful 1,000 km experience. Juast don't attempt it in summer! 

Gertraud from ACT replied to James:

It's a 1000 km? The distance from Perth to Albany by road is just 400 km - I think I'll pass on the walk and will stick to the road the next time I head over to WA 

Gertraud from ACT replied to Gertraud:

Also, I did Bluff Knoll way, way back at New Years Eve 1981, I doubt that I am still up to it. 

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