NewsThe Best NBN Providers, According to Netflix

The Best NBN Providers, According to Netflix

Looking forward to bingeing the next season of The Crown on Netflix? Better make sure your connection is up to scratch. Fortunately, Netflix will give you a helping hand.

Every month Netflix releases a speed index comparing prime time streaming performance across six of the largest Australian internet providers. The most recent results currently available are from October 2018. Here's how the big guys ranked for average streaming speed:

  1. Telstra - 3.92Mbps
  2. Exetel - 3.73Mbps
  3. Optus - 3.73Mbps
  4. Dodo/iPrimus - 3.67Mbps
  5. iiNet - 3.65Mbps
  6. TPG - 3.63Mbps

(Pro tip: Netflix typically streams video at a maximum of 5Mbps. That’s why these speeds might look ‘slow’ compared to the speeds associated with most NBN plans.)

While Telstra has topped the list, as you can see, there’s barely any difference between all six, and we think any of these providers would give you a great experience when it comes to streaming Netflix.

But it is important to note that these rankings are only a measure of Netflix performance across providers and does no indicate the quality of performance overall. The speeds listed are a representation of the average streaming speeds by provider for subscribers across all connection types, including ADSL, cable internet and NBN plans across various speed tiers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some plans.

How to choose an NBN plan

The NBN providers named in Netflix’s leaderboard offer plans across multiple NBN speeds. But no matter which speed you choose with which provider, you should be able to expect a good experience.

Here’s the cheat’s guide to choosing the right NBN speed for you:

  • NBN 25 speed: For households of 1-2 light to medium internet users
  • NBN 50 speed: For households of 2-4 medium to heavy users
  • NBN 100 speed: For households of 5+ medium to heavy users

Here are some plans from these providers with at least 500GB. That should cover you for all the Netflix you could hope to watch in a month, and then some. Note that not all providers offer every speed.

NBN 25 plans

NBN 50 plans

NBN 100 plans

Still on ADSL?

Just because you’re still waiting for the NBN to arrive in your area, doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for a new plan on ADSL. All the providers covered by Netflix’s speed testing also offer ADSL plans and what’s more, when the NBN arrives in your area, they should be able to switch you over without breaking your contract.


Jacqui Dent is associate editor at WhistleOut, Australia's largest mobile phone and internet comparison site.

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The Best NBN Providers, According to Netflix

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jULIA from NSW commented:

I have found the Bundle with Primus the best of the lot. for $80month. unlimited usage. local,mobile,interstate calls included. great. 

Bronwynne from VIC replied to jULIA:

Hi Julie Are you on the NBN 50 speed: For households of 2-4 medium to heavy users? I am on the 100 and am wondering if i only need the 50. My kids wanted the fastest and most expensive $110 month but i have to wonder if it is really worth it and drop to the 50 

Anonymous from SA commented:

I like Internode and have been with them for years and just updated to NBN. At least they are in Adelaide so I can talk to a real person. 

Anonymous from WA commented:

Hi we are in Helena Valley in Perth. We live on a 2.5 acre block with the house at the back, do we have to pay for it to come down from the street to connect to the house please? 

Peter from QLD commented:

I found TPG absolutely useless their help line does not and they do not refund the setup charge when it does not work. TRY Amaysim, now Southern phone. Amaysim brilliant as compared to TPG and similar price, their help line works and they ring you back to see all is well. WOW. 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

I would like to see pensioners get deals for 12 month like optus has on pre paid $140 for 2 years we don't use it much.Regards Carolyn Wayne Smith 

Vicki from NSW commented:

Yes, I agree. It would be a wonderful idea to give pensioners a reduced rate to use the service, especially if they are light users. 

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