July 1 Superannuation Changes That Could Cost You Dearly

Would you open and read a letter if it could save you or your loved ones in the event of a serious accident or worse? I like to think I’d bother, even if it came from my super fund, but most don’t agree as figures around a massive alert being sent out about changes to life insurance have shown. Australian Super sent out notifications to 220,000 members affected by the July 1 changes w... Read more

Are your health insurance extras really worth it?

One of the most common complaints we get here at the Fiftyup Club is from members saying they pay substantial dollars in premiums and don’t ever make a claim. Don’t let this happen to you.  One policy you can try to get more value out of is called “Extras Cover” and includes things like dental, optical, physio etc, in other words, procedures that aren’t performed in a hospital generally. ... Read more

Here’s how to make sense of Home Insurance ‘add ons’

So you’re thinking about reviewing your home and contents insurance and you’ve stumbled upon the mysterious world of optional extras.  They're the insurance equivalent of the McDonalds upsell: "Do you want fries with that?" Many providers offer these as additions to the standard cover, but they can be confusing and can make getting a quote and comparing it to other policies more difficult... Read more

How to avoid sky-high costs for travel insurance

Deciding on a holiday destination?  Travel insurance is one of those things that pops up as optional when you’re buying an airline ticket online. After you’ve booked your flights, there are a stack of questions about whether you want to pay for your carbon footprint, book a hotel, hire a car, purchase extra leg room and buy entertainment packages, and meals. I don’t know about you, but tr... Read more

Spring Holiday Hotspots

“I can’t believe it’s September already!”  Words dominating office water cooler chat and café conversation right across the country at the moment. The good news is that summer days are just around the corner, which means it is time to take that tattered yearly calendar down from the fridge and start mapping your next overseas adventure. Yes – I hear what you’re thinking (“we can’t affo... Read more

Are you one of 36,000 drivers eligible for a refund from your Car Insurer?

“Upselling” or “suggestive selling” has been around for a long time and happens in all businesses. It might have started with “do you want fries with that”, and now it sneaks in in other ways.  A recent Choice report found car dealers are pushing options that most of us don’t need. For example rust-proofing. All new cars come with rust-proofing already applied in the factory so unless you li... Read more

Top Tips for Older Drivers on Insurance and Licensing

I’ve recently considered updating my elderly mother’s car insurance as she is driving a lot less these days and only in our local area, which my children think is safest for all road users! We began to have concerns about mum’s driving around 2 years ago. We often rely on Grandma to pick up the kids while we’re at work and the feedback from them was starting to indicate some issues….my daugh... Read more

Kayley's Home Insurance Lesson

When it comes to insurance, we’re told they are all essential. Consider the following:  Home Insurance – insuring your greatest asset? Maybe.  Income Protection – insuring your greatest asset? If you don’t have income you can’t pay for your home insurance right? Funeral Insurance – Based on the idea that you don’t want to leave your family with the burden of your loss and also the cost ... Read more

The Flood Victim’s Guide to Dealing with Insurance Claims

In June last year, Camden south-west of Sydney was inundated by flood water. While businesses struggled to clean up and get going again, insurers argued over the difference between stormwater or creek flooding. Insurance Australia Group (IAG) determined it would cover businesses for only centimetres of the loss.  One affected business owner, Ted Rixon of Alted Printing said at the time “I’ve... Read more

Which Insurance type has the LEAST happy customers?

According to new research, Life & Risk Insurance customers are the least satisfied of the lot and are less satisfied than they were a year ago. In the year to December 2016 satisfaction with life insurance dropped down to 68.7%, the second lowest of all other major insurance types.  The average satisfaction levels of Life & Risk Insurance customers in the past year were just 6... Read more