Protect & Extend Unit Pricing

Politicians often make grandiose claims as to how they can contain cost of living pressures, but petrol, electricity and grocery prices usually defy their best efforts.  Yet, the one policy which has demonstrably saved ordinary consumers millions of dollars languishes largely unloved by the pollies’. It’s called unit pricing and we have the efforts of one retired economist to thank…no... Read more

What Are Friends For?

I recently heard an Oxford professor say the strongest indicator to a long life and well-being isn’t wealth or social standing but that it was the number and quality of your friendships. You’ll find plenty of research to support the health benefits of having pals which can sometimes be more helpful than family. It’s an amazing thought as you can choose your friendships but not who you... Read more

What Have the Oldies Ever Done for Us?

Intergenerational conflict has always been with us and oldies have been complaining about the young as far as back as Aristotle in the 4th century BC. His wise words: “[Young people] are high-minded because they have not yet been humbled by life, nor have they experienced the force of circumstance. They think they know everything and are always quite sure about it.” I was reminded of ... Read more

You Are Never Too Old

If age as opposed to ageing concerns you, take a leaf out of the book of a Dutchman who is taking legal action to change the date on his birth certificate by 20 years. Emile Ratelbrand, who is 69, claims he has the body of a 45-year-old and needs to be officially recognised as such to improve his luck at dating. It’s an ambitious legal action especially since his inspiration comes fro... Read more

Have You Ever Had it So Good?

What was the happiest year of your life? Many readers will have more than fifty years of conscious albeit inaccurate memories to sort through. But despite our inevitable bias and selective memories about the ‘good old days’ a more correct answer could be that right now, older Australians are now being told ‘we’ve never had it so good’ although the pal I shared this good news with at the ... Read more

The Pleasures & Perils of Routine

The Pleasures & Perils of Routine The sad fact is even jet-setting millionaires get bored of the high-life, if indulged in too much and too often. It merely just becomes routine. After a few favourite fixes have been mildly disrupted, the role of routine in our lives and its healthy and less positive habits has consumed me of late. Recently, my wife complained her yoga studio had ... Read more