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Shopping around for health insurance

Loyalty is great, but if your health fund is not showing you loyalty, don't give it blindly in return. Shopping around for your health cover can sometimes save you hundreds, and it doesn't have to be difficult. Approach the exercise as you would when getting some work done around the house: get 3 quotes and pick the best one, and you should be able to improve the value you're ... Read more

What can we do to get value from our private health insurance?

There’s been some sobering figures out this week about how 40% of those of us aged more than 45 suffer from at least two of the eight most common chronic diseases. The two most frequent maladies, arthritis and cardiovascular disease, usually occur alongside each other and back pain according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). But there’s still one chro... Read more

We need a second opinion in battle between private health insurers and hospitals

Private health insurers don’t exactly top most patients’ popularity polls with their regularly rising premiums, gap payments and complex exclusions. But the present stoush between the largest, the recently privatised Medibank Private, and the private hospital sector has implications for what we pay and where we might be treated. If talks this week between Medibank and the Cath... Read more

There are some things you can do about making private health insurance work better for you

It’s worth having an open mind about Private Health Insurance (PHI) because far too many people end up paying too much for policies which can leave them feeling a bit sick.. If  you don’t want to be one of the disappointed here are a few thoughts which might save time, worry and even money. We can’t do much about the above inflation increases year-on-year. On averag... Read more

BREAKING: GP Co-payments are going, going, gone

Congratulations, members. You did it! There are front-page reports today (pictured) confirming what many suspected – that the Federal Government has heeded the concerns of the FiftyUp Club and other groups and shelved its plans for GP co-payments.[1] CLICK HERE to send a Thankyou email to Health Minister Peter Dutton As you’ll recall, FiftyUp Club Chairman John Mangos met with […]

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A few things you should know about the Medibank Sale (ending tomorrow)

Hello Fellow FiftyUp Club Members, This week sees the close of the Medibank Private float (Friday November 14). Far be it from us here at FiftyUp Club to tell you whether it’s a good deal or not … as the saying goes, “please consult your financial adviser” and read articles such as this one. But we have looked at some […]

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Is the GP Co-payment dead, or is it just resting?

Here at the FiftyUp Club, we’ve been banging on about healthcare costs for the over-50s all year. Never more so than when Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey announced plans for a $7 co-payment every time we visit the GP, X-ray or pathologist as part of the Budget earlier this year. It’s been nearly three months since we travelled to Canberra to […]

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Older Australians support reform but implore Government for relief on health care costs

The FiftyUp Club is today meeting with Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton to ask for relief for the over-50s on health insurance premiums and GP co-payments. On behalf of its 91,652 members, the FiftyUp Club will today ask the Minister: 1.    To reduce the impact of co-payments on Australians aged over 50, particularly pensioners, and 2.    To improve price transparency in private […]

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5 Steps to see if you can save on Health Insurance

Comparing health Insurance policies is not as complicated as it may seem. Many of us fear losing something if we move, but if we’re not prepared to shop around, insurers could be taking advantage of our loyalty. It’s worth taking a few moments to find the cover which suits your needs best, even if you don’t ever use it. The […]

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