Online Dating for Grown-Ups

Interested in meeting someone new? Or perhaps you’re recently single and ready to test the waters. Have you thought about online dating? In its early days, online dating was somewhat controversial, even frowned upon. Fast forward a few years and more than 50 per cent of Australians have tried finding love online, or say they would consider it. In fact, […]

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Here’s why we’re calling this the FiftyUp Federal Budget

With all the tough talk about raising the retirement age, increasing the age where you can access your super, adjusting the pension assets test and paying to see a GP, it’s hard not to see this Federal Budget as being targeted at the over-50s. Here at FiftyUp Club HQ, we’ve taken to calling it the “FiftyUp Federal Budget”, and we […]

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A pre-Easter message from our Chairman

Dear Fellow Members, Well, I asked you to speak up and sign our petition on the higher costs we get slugged on health insurance … and boy, did you listen. We smashed our target of 10,000 within the first 48 hours, which meant we had to reset our target to 15,000. At the moment we are sitting on around 12,500, […]

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Super Funds forced to raise life insurance premiums

The days of getting very cheap group-discounted Life Insurance through your super fund are looking numbered, as funds raise premiums and regulators warn they are repeating the mistakes of the past. Senior insurance regulator  Ian Laughlin, who is deputy chairman of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, warned this week that this sector of life insurance has been losing money and was […]

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FiftyUp Facts Petition smashes target in 3 days

In just 3 days more than 10,000 FiftyUp Club members have signed our petition calling on the Federal Government for greater transparency in health Insurance. With such a huge response from members, we’ve had to set a new target of 15,000 signatures. FiftyUp Club members have been signing the petition and heading to the forum to share their extensive experience […]

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Older Australians paying bigger increases on Health Insurance

The FiftyUp Club is today launching a national petition calling on the Federal Government to reveal the real cost of health Insurance for over-50s. Consumers over 50 are paying an average increase of 9.8% on their private health insurance according to a FiftyUp Club health insurance survey of more than 5000 people. That’s one-and-a-half times the national average of 6.2% […]

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RBA says our super fees are too high

Australia’s central bank has said our superannuation fees are too high, ranking us third in the developed world behind only Spain and Mexico. The Reserve Bank of Australia has made a submission to the Federal Government’s financial system inquiry, arguing we need to cut the cost to consumers of our $1.8 trillion superannuation system, The Australian Financial Review reports today. Many Australian […]

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Introducing our new Chairman John Mangos

Here at the FiftyUp Club we are excited to welcome our new Chairman John Mangos. With over fifty years experience as a consumer and over thirty years working in the media, John will campaign on your behalf to help consumers 50 and over get the offers they deserve. “You only come across a great idea every once in a blue moon, that’s why I’ve […]

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