Big thrills without the big bills

The Oscars were the hottest party in the world this week. We didn’t score an invite, but not to worry. We’ve put on our glad rags and gone in search of the best entertainment bargains in town. And the winners are … 1. See – and hear – the stars of tomorrow strut their stuff at free or ridiculously cheap […]

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Living Longer, Living Better

What’s the secret to ageing well? It’s a combination of a healthy lifestyle, independence, social engagement, financial security and access to health services, according to a wide-ranging report designed to better understand FiftyUps. The Council on the Ageing NSW Consumer Survey 2013, released last month, asked 1804 people aged over 50 living in NSW for their views on health and […]

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Somebody call a doctor! Medicare faces major surgery

Free visits to the GP could soon be a thing of the past for most people, after the Health Minister Peter Dutton last week proposed a radical overhaul of Australia’s health system. In a hardline speech in Brisbane, Dutton described the current system as “riddled with inefficiency and waste”, saying he wanted to “modernise and strengthen Medicare”. The upshot? You […]

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Everything you need to know about the age pension (and a few things you probably don’t)

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s “Age of Entitlement” schtick is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving. (Or taking, as the case may be.) Speaking at the start of the G20 finance ministers’ meeting in Sydney last week, the Treasurer again flagged raising the retirement age, saying longer life expectancies imposed costs – including the age pension – which may […]

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When Big Days go bad

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest, most memorable day of your life, which often means we are prepared to fork out big bucks when planning our special day. And the wedding industry knows it too, with an average Australian wedding now costing $54,294. Whilst the jury is still out on whether parents still pay the lion’s share […]

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How to clean your house on a shoestring

The cost of living keeps heading skywards, but not everything around the house needs to break the bank. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, pulled on the rubber gloves and compiled a list of the thriftiest household cleaning products. Tell us yours too.  LEMONS And you thought they were just for gin and tonic… Turns out lemons are a secret weapon […]

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FoFA. FoWha? What is the Future of Financial Advice and what does it mean for you?

The Federal Government is poised to introduce sweeping changes to the rules that protect investors from unscrupulous financial planners. But these proposed amendments to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms have drawn criticism from consumer groups, industry superannuation funds and the federal opposition, who argue the interests of mum and dad investors are being sacrificed to protect big banks […]

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Valentine’s Day: True Romance or the ultimate Scam?

In case you hadn’t noticed today is Valentine’s Day, an entire day dedicated to the worldwide celebration of love. While the marketing ploy as you don’t need a day to tell your partner I love you. Whether you choose to celebrate or not, each year Australians are spending more on their loved ones to mark February 14.  As reported by […]

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Why Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump

“I was with Origin and getting a 14% discount,” writes FiftyUp Club member Frank Ius, pictured. “No notice was given to me that my contract had expired and when I got my next bill I only received a 1% discount. “When I questioned this, their reply was that this is their standard procedure. Well, that day I changed to Click […]

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10 ways to get fit without getting ripped (off)

We’ve had some members ask us to source discounted gym memberships for FiftyUps. We’ll see what we can do, but in the meantime here are our tips for getting fit without paying exorbitant membership fees. 1. Interested in joining a gym but keen to avoid wall-to-wall meatheads? Many gyms offer free trial sessions. Or check out sites like GymLink, where […]

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