Did You know?

One study found 80% of us thought that corporate Australia pitched their products and services mostly at younger people.

Why FiftyUp?

The FiftyUp Club is built upon a simple belief that FiftyUps are, more often than not, the best customers that companies can hope for. They are often lower risk, higher value, and stick with providers they like and respect.

FiftyUps are a huge section of the market, (1 in 3 Australians are 50 or over) with a serious amount of buying power, (about 50% of household buying power) but despite all these strengths, they often feel ignored by corporate Australia. The Australian Human Rights Commission recently found that many FiftyUps experience what the AHRC calls “product invisibility”, which they define as FiftyUps “being overlooked by corporate Australia.”

(Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics; Mi9 Reports; The Australian Human Rights Commission.)