NewsSpark Your Sense of Wonder with Guided Travel

Spark Your Sense of Wonder with Guided Travel

If you’ve wondered what a “guided tour” means, it’s simply this: tour managers and local experts enhancing your experience, whatever your destination.

You just need to click here and choose your own adventure!

Maybe you want a river cruise through the Danube or to see the ruins in Rome. Maybe you want to dive deep into the culture of Asia or see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Whatever you choose, you will not have plan it on your own!

With the new special offer for FiftyUp Club members from Collette Travel, you pick the destination and the type of experience you want and everything else is planned for you!

Collette is now offering FiftyUp Club members travel savings of up $600 per person.

With Collette, you’ll receive:

  • Expertly crafted itineraries
  • 4-Star accommodation
  • Skilled & engaging tour managers
  • Expert local guides with insider knowledge
  • Attraction entrance fees with preferred access
  • Many meals full of local flavor
  • Unparalleled sightseeing
  • Comfortable on-tour transportation
  • Hote-to hotel baggage handling
  • Plus access to Wi-Fi hotspots on tour

Cover your adventures with FiftyUp Travel and Cruise Insurance

Choose an adventure with Collette Guided Tour Packages


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Spark Your Sense of Wonder with Guided Travel

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Gertraud from ACT commented:

Guided tours? No thanks, I much rather plan my own itinerary and visit the places I want to see, rather than be herded like cattle! As to river cruises, one can get local day cruises for a very small amount of money, as my daughter and I did from Linz, Upper Austria to Melk, Lower Austria. 

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