NewsThe Benefits to Holiday Retreats

The Benefits to Holiday Retreats

Each year, many of us plop down good money for a holiday. Planning and prepping to head off somewhere we have always dreamed of, wanted to go, or just to visit friends and family.

But, could you benefit from a holiday retreat instead of a traditional holiday?

Why a holiday retreat you ask?

Traveling to your favourite destination or regularly scheduled holiday plan, you are probably still on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of your idea that you won’t be “connected”. Your holiday just becomes time off from your routine instead of allowing you to properly relax and recharge.

Retreats are purposeful getaways that are aimed at rescuing you from your daily routine and can be about spiritual healing, fitness through yoga or meditation, family or marriage counseling and so much more.

The long term benefits of retreats will vary depending on what type of retreat you decide on. If you are on a spiritual retreat of self discovery, you may come back to your life with a renewed sense of self and the desire to continue your life as is or try a new path. The same could be said if you go on a fitness retreat. It could help you realise that you may love yoga, meditation, running, weightlifting or that you absolutely without a doubt prefer to be sitting on a park bench watching all the fitness lovers breaking a sweat instead.

Another benefit of a retreat, is that most retreats include accommodation, food, facilities, professional consultation and activities if chosen. This takes the stress of planning your trip off your plate and gives you a headstart into relaxing.

By choosing a retreat could truly unwind, relax and reset because you don’t have sensory overload nor worries about what you are missing out back home or at work. You are also surrounded by like minded company all hoping for the same thing.

Finally, a retreat could be more economical because they are pre-planned. If your events and meals are included, you are not going off all willy nilly dropping coin on an expected expensive lunch or dinner.

Whatever you decide, retreat or your favourite holiday travel, make sure you truly disconnect if that’s your goal.


Any advice contained in this article is general in nature and does not take account of your particular objectives, personal circumstances or needs. If in doubt about your own situation you should seek appropriate advice.

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The Benefits to Holiday Retreats

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Anonymous from QLD commented:

This sounds a great idea. A lot of travel is very stressful and not spiritually beneficial. 

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