Tidying Up Your Finances

Marie Kondo has been all the talk lately from her Netflix Series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to her statement of getting rid of bibliophiles beloved collection. Her main thing about decluttering your life is always asking, “does it bring you joy”? And whether you love her, hate her or don’t even know who she is, one word she does have right is: declutter. While your finances might... Read more

Do You Need Private Health Insurance

70.9% of Australians that have private health insurance say “that above all else, private health insurance is about knowing that you will be able to cover the cost of big medical expenses if they arise”. That’s according to Roy Morgan’s Single Survey (Australia). While attitudes regarding private health insurance decline and premiums continue to rise each year, many are often scratching ... Read more

How to Approach Aged Care

I was once asked to sum up Australia’s aged care system in 500 words and I failed. If you thought electricity, superannuation or NBN plans were complicated wait until you try and navigate this particular market. Aged care, whether we like it or not, at some stage becomes not just a choice but a necessity, and my take is to deal with it as you might any other consumer service and find out... Read more

Am I Too Old for a Hostel

Recently I had an argument with my wife about staying in a youth hostel which prompted the thought --when’s the right time to admit you might be too old for such an establishment?  After a recent European trip where we stayed in a few Austrian and English hostels, with more lavish pubs in between, she objected to a night in a New Zealand hostel during a hiking holiday. Apart from the ... Read more

Avoid These 10 Travel Mistakes

Beginning traveler or seasoned travel, avoid these 10 travel mistakes Don’t forget to pack a power adapter. If you decide you can’t be bothered by packing a power adapter, at least pack a USB phone cord charger. At least you can charge your phone through most new televisions. Not budgeting enough money. Never underestimate how much you might rack up in holiday spending. If you think y... Read more

The Benefits to Holiday Retreats

Each year, many of us plop down good money for a holiday. Planning and prepping to head off somewhere we have always dreamed of, wanted to go, or just to visit friends and family. But, could you benefit from a holiday retreat instead of a traditional holiday? Why a holiday retreat you ask? Traveling to your favourite destination or regularly scheduled holiday plan, you are probably... Read more

8 Ways to Save on a Holiday Cruise

Whether you are wanting to set sail for the first time or are a seasoned cruiser, below are 7 ways to save on a holiday cruise. Early Bird, Does Get the Worm Worms can be gross, but when it comes to cruises, cruise companies like to fill the cabins early. They usually offer good deals for people willing to book a year or so in advance. Some offer heavily discounted deals, cheap flight... Read more

Enter the $150,000 BILL BUSTER!

This time of year can put a real drain on your household budget. Bills from Christmas expenses. Bills from your holiday. Credit Card Bills. Electricity Bills. Bills from getting the kids back to school. So to start the year off, you've got someone coming to the rescue with the $150,000 BILL BUSTER! With up to $150,000 to help you Bust those Bills! You need to fill out your... Read more

Preparing for a Longer & Better Lives

Australians are living longer and while we are living longer, we need to live better too! From health, finance, work and social life we could all improve from a little to a lot! The positive changes we make now can help us maintain physical and mental health as we get older, have enough money to live the life we want when we stop working, have the skills to be able to work as long as ... Read more

How Do I Access a Home Care Package

We released a new Home Care Special Offer from CareAbout this week for those who have funding from the federal government and want to switch Home Care providers or haven't decided on a provider yet. Some have asked, what are the home care packages and how do I get them? Well, we’ve got your answers below. There are 4 Levels of Home Care Packages: Level 1 recognises that a person... Read more