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Could One Phone Call Save You on Hotel Accommodations

We have become humans that love convenience and there is nothing more convenient than booking your entire dream holiday online, but are you always getting the best deal? More often than not, you are getting a super sweet deal, but Australians who book online with popular travel sites like Expedia, and might not be getting the best deal from Australian accommodation... Read more

10 Things You Can Recycle

Whether you are a religious recycler or the just the paper and plastic recycler type, there may be a few household items you don’t know or didn’t think you could recycle. HERE ARE 10 THINGS YOU CAN RECYCLE AEROSOL CANS Once the cans are empty, they can be recycled with other metal packaging without fear of explosion. Since the cans themselves are made from recyclable steel and alumin... Read more

How to Style Your Home Like a Pro

First impressions count, particularly when it comes to selling your home. Whilst some potential home buyers might be able to see a home’s true potential, even if it’s hidden under piles of clutter and mess, many others won’t. If you read and were inspired by our “9 Ways to Renovate Your Home in a Day” and now want to style your home like a pro, keep reading for more inspiration. Leading r... Read more

9 Ways Renovate Your Home in a Day

Some home renovations can take years to finish, but there are many improvements that either you or a contractor can complete in just one day. Small and inexpensive improvements paid for out of your savings could actually add thousands of dollars in value to your home advises Joanna Pretty, general manager of mortgage lender State Custodians Home Loans. “Throughout the past 12 months, grow... Read more

How to Hold the Best Garage Sale

De-cluttering has been everyone’s mind ever since Japanese organising guru Marie Kondo urged us to consider whether a pair of old socks “sparked joy” in us or not. De-cluttering is something that often comes up with FiftyUps when the ideas of downsizing to a smaller dwelling start coming to mind. According to a survey of survey of 1,524 people aged 60 plus by the Australian Productivity Comm... Read more

10 Easy Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

lifehack: noun: a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way. We all want to make our lives easier so regardless of your age, here are 10 life hacks everyone should know.  1. Use your phone to take a photo of where you’ve parked your car when you’re out. This is handy when you need to find it again, especially in parking gar... Read more

How to Have Privacy on Facebook

While we stay in touch with family and friends via Facebook, there are ways to protect your privacy while sharing cute photos of your dog, your holiday and more. While on a personal computer do the following: Check Your Privacy Facebook allows you to easily check your privacy and adjust your account settings if you need too. Just click the question mark in the top right section of the me... Read more

Composting 101: How to Learn to Love your Garbage

As you place your recycling in the yellow-topped bins, have you ever wondered could you do more with your mixed waste garbage? The answer is yes! Farmers have been taking their mixed waste garbage and turning it into compost and mulch for their crops and gardens for years. It not only saves them money but it eliminates chemicals that are harmful to their farm. If you have a large crop,... Read more