News5 Habits to Be Healthier as You Age

5 Habits to Be Healthier as You Age

There is no fountain of youth that will make us young forever, but that doesn’t mean we have to be unhealthy as we age! We can age well and level up to be our best selves.


Daily Walking Ritual - regardless of your age or fitness level, walking is good for you. It is low impact, can reduce stiffness and inflammation in joints, strengthens bones, improves sleep and the list goes on. If walking is too much for you, try Tai Chi.

Eating Healthy - we all know relatively early that a diet of sugar and over processed foods aren’t good for our body or mind. If you have a sweet tooth, give yourself one indulgence per week instead of daily. If you are a meat and potatoes-only person, try one vegetable and one fruit per week.

Sleep - you don’t have to be like Sleeping Beauty, but you do need your beauty sleep. The Sleep Health Foundation recommends at least 7 hours a night. A good night’s rest is like resetting your body. In the time you are asleep, you body and mind are restoring so you can tackle another glorious day.

Do Things You Love - doing things that you are passionate about will improve your attitude, your outlook, and how you choose to live. If you are passionate about reading and it brings you joy, volunteer to read to children or those in the hospital. If you love animals, volunteer at an animal shelter or foster animals.

Live, Laugh, Love - time stands still for no one and as we grow older, some may give up on living the life they dream, but we are here to say, live life to the fullest. Be it sitting on your balcony watching the sunrise, running through the park with your grandchildren, or crossing items off your bucket list. We never know the moment the earth will stop turning for any of us so don’t forget to laugh when you can with those that you love and love to be around.

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5 Habits to Be Healthier as You Age

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lyn from QLD commented:

Lyn Delaney Qld I eat healthy I am 71 years young I do yoga Monday morning, I walk with a walking group Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning I do Bootcamp and I clog Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I play tennis, followed by water aerobics, Thursday afternoon I walk with the same group as Monday and Friday morning Fitball, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon my partner and I Rock and roll dance (Rockabilly) 

Lorraine from QLD replied to lyn:

You are lucky you have your health.Many of us cannot do those things not through lack of due diligence so don’t be smug about it 

FiftyUp Club
FiftyUp Club replied to lyn:

You are putting us to shame but more importantly, WAY TO GO!! 

Gerard from VIC commented:

Best habit to get is to eat healthy - if possible grow your own then you know how healthy your food is and the taste is so much better than what you can buy. 

Peter from QLD commented:

Great ideas; but we should start with deciding what is aged, or old. I have acquaintances who are still under 70, and they act as if they are 90. I'm 83 and feel I'm in pretty good condition. Can't walk 100m without puffing and panting (COPD), but I plan to have another 10 years in me. So really age should be defined not as a set of numbers, but on a level of ability. Anyone agree? Biggles 210 

Gerard from VIC replied to Peter:

I definitely agree with you. 

Anonymous from NSW commented:

I do these. Yes, very good. 

Halina from SA commented:

All true 

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